For part one of the two DRUMLESSON albums, that CHRISTIAN PROMMER will produce this year, he recorded 10 of his favorite dance classics as Jazz interpretations – taking his favorite dance tracks of the last two decades and transforming the energy and magic of the originals into a performance of a jazz quartet.

It all started with the idea to record an acoustic version of the DERRICK MAY classic Strings of Life to warm up for the production of his first solo album. Thought of as a “one-off” track for the fun of it, it sat on the shelf for a long time until ALEX BARK of the JAZZANOVA crew, came by and heard the track. Alex and the rest of the crew got so excited about this tune, playing it in their dj sets all over the world, that they soon decided to release a 12” with this track. Released in May 2007 it was a fast spreading phenomenon. DJs and music fans from all sides of the spectrum got into this track. DERRICK MAY also gave CHRISTIAN PROMMER his thumbs up. Nice.

The idea of rerecording dance classics did not leave CHRISTIAN PROMMER’s head while he was preparing his debut album for Sonar Kollektiv. Feeling at home in the world between Jazz and Detroit Techno he decided to do an album project that had two parts.

Vol. 1 reinterprets the dance classics in a jazzy fashion. Arranging and producing the record in an oldschool way. Using a band to perform.

Vol. 2, which will be released in 2008, will be an album that takes the lesson to the next level and delivers original compositions in a wider range featuring collaborations with vocalists, the Drumlesson players, string ensembles, more musicians and CHRISTIAN PROMMER playing many instruments himself.

CHRISTIAN PROMMER did all the arrangements for the session and the DRUMLESSON band recorded the whole album in one day. All musicians played together in the studio at the same time. An amazing and magic session. Its true when they say : “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.

After the music has been recorded Christian went to Vienna to mix the album with longtime collaborator and friend PETER KRUDER at his studio. All analogue and vintage technology was used to create the sound of the album. Mr. KRUDER did an incredible job in mixing the tracks into a great sounding record. The mix session also took only one magic day. It looks like a concept. Maybe it was…..

The whole project fell into place just right. Everybody who was involved in it gave way more than 150%. A spirit that you can hear every second.

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