Crazy P back with an EP on Futureboogie

Crazy P are back with their first solo EP since the much loved and wonderful album ‘When We On’.

We are lucky and indeed excited to be able to put this EP out on our very own label. The P have been long term friends of ours and we have always loved their music, energy and continuing lust for life. Progress climbs towards a powerful peak as vocals ring out over a thickened mix in emphatic fashion…Twisted and warped, ‘Virtuality’ punches forwards with samples managed and mangled alongside sleazy vocals and a potent, funky bass-line. Reminiscent of a Motor City Drum Ensemble cut, progress builds with crowd noise kurze Brautkleider and percussive flicks before things sink firmly into a dusty, funk-leant groove… We’ve been watching Outboxx’s efforts for a while now and safe to say we are very impressed. Also fellow Bristolians, they are both talented and driven and their recent album out on Idle Hands showcased this superbly. Outboxx’s interpretation of ‘Clouds’ glows amber from the outset with a subtle Rhodes pattern sitting under stuttered vocals and a delayed clap. The breakdown opens out to a gamboling piano motif and a weighty bass line that sits it comfortably on the dance-floor… Check out the EP below – https://soundcloud.com/futureboogie/sets/fbr022-crazy-p-mts-vol-2