Below Sea Level Mix


Korda – Move your body (to the sound) (Alex Version) Flying Records
John Monkman & Disco Stu – Don’t have to be beautiful. Kote Records
Pulp Disco/The outcasts – Witches (The Legendary 1978 Orchestra B Mix). Legendary Sound Research
Mondee Oliver – Make me want you (Leftside Wobble Edit)
Peter Zohdy / Michael Senna – All in Vain (Blond:ish Remix). Two Birds
Elef – Hypnotise. Dirt Crew
Cozzy D – Aphrodite. Lower East
Knee Deep – Darlin. Futureaudio
Audiojack – Get Serious. 2020 Vision
Social Disco Club – You got to stay. Dikso
Mood ll Swing – Do it your way (Edit)


DJ Food – A Magpies, Maps & Moons Reader

Originally aired on Solid Steel in Oct 2011, the ‘Magpies, Maps & Moons Reader accompanies the EP of the same name plus much more.

A-ko – Chicago (Melting Pot Music)
Murgatroyd Band – Magpie (Decca)
DJ Food – Discovery Workshop (Ninja Tune)
DJ Food feat. 2econd Class Citizen – A Positive No (Ninja Tune)
The Stepkids – Santos & Ken (Stones Throw)
Primal Scream – Xterminator (DJ Food Re-edit) (Creation)
Steinski – excerpt from Some Dreams You Never Forget (Mp3)
The Creatures – Say Yes! (Sioux Records)
DJ Food feat. 2econd Class Citizen – No More Stars (Ninja Tune)
Pete Sasqwax – excerpt from Malapropriated Psychedelia (Six Ton Armour Mp3)
DJ Food – Percussion Map Pt.1 (Ninja Tune)
DJ Food feat. 2econd Class Citizen – Finder’s Keepers (Ninja Tune)
Pepe Deluxe – A Night & A Day (Catskills
Eagles Of Death Metal – Chase The Devil (Ant Acid Audio)
DJ Format – Here Comes The Dope Pusher (Project Blue Book)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Hibakusha Pleasure Dub) (Unreleased)
The Orb – Blue Room (remix 2010) (Mp3)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Welcome To The Pleasuredome (DJ Food Re-fix) (Unreleased)
DJ Shadow – Redeemed (Verve)
DJ Food feat. 2econd Class Citizen – Translucence (Ninja Tune)
Goldmund – Turquoise Hexagon Sun (Unseen)
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange – excerpt from Within Dreams (BBC)
The Stepkids – Wonderfox (Stones Throw)
2econd Class Citizen – Carolyne (Equinox)
DJ Food – In Orbit Every Monday (Ninja Tune)
Diplo – Now’s The Time (Big Dada)
DJ Food – Prey feat. JG Thirlwell (Ninja Tune)
Foetus – Quick Fix (Ectopic Ent.)


Quantic – Luanda Sonó

This is a selection of a handful of Angolan 45s that have proven their spirit & longevity in Quantic’s record collection.

Here’s to the slap-echo guitars, scratchy dikanza, hope, aspiration and musical beauty that flowered from Luanda. This sound has long informed the systems of Barranquilla and parallels cumbia, samba & compas in sonic ancestral synchronicity.

Mad Mats press 1

Mad Mats – House mix for hngr.se

Track list…

1. Andy Blake – Slazenger’s Bump
2. Unknown?
3. Usio – Kuwa Huru
4. Fetsum – Letters From Damascus, Alex Barck Remix
5. Purple Velvet – Sparks Fly
6. MCDE – Send A Prayer
7. Basic Soul Unit – Back Seat Lover
8. The Digital Kid vs The World – Angels Looking Down On My, Tom Demac Remix
9. Steve Poindexter – Chillin With The P
10. Chicago Damn – RAW
11. Jack Dixon – E
12. Midland – Trace
13. Boddika & Joy Orbison – Mercy, Boddika’s VIP
14. Jay Dee – Pause


Bonobo – Boiler Room Mix


Walker & Royce – Gotta Dance Dirty

Citizen – Glastique // Love Fever

Coat Of Arms – Mesmerised Feat. Ria Moran (Darius Syrossian Remix) // Gruuv
Inland Knights, Da Sunlounge – Let Go // Borrowed Music
Cabin Fever Trax vol 27 – Ring Play // Cabin Fever
Waze & Odyssey – Please Don’t Dance // Dirt Crew Recordings
Ursula Rucker, Zoo Brazil – You Don’t Know Me Feat. Ursula Rucker (Sante Remix) // Defected
MOTSA – Untitled // J.hruza Records
Marc Scholl – Caboose // Cecille
Maya Jane Coles – Everything Feat. Karin Park (Breach Remix) // I/AM/ME
LZ Love – See The Light (Derrick Carter Remix) // Slip N Slide Records
Kiki – Sinister 1 // Bpitch Control
33 1/3 Queen – Searchin // Nu Groove Records
Will Saul, Tam Cooper – Seqential Circus (Original Mix) // Simple Records
Bonobo – Know You // Ninja Tune

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Behling & Simpson – iD Online Mix

Bass music godfathers, badman Behling and señor Simpson are responsible for a hefty amount of Bristol’s breaking electronic dance music activity, pay interest to their expertise, listen in to this week’s i-DJ.

1. Behling & Simpson ft Shanti Celeste – Used 2 Be Mine – [Dub]
2. Behling & Simpson vs Gram Rcy – Shmiffins – [Dub]
3. Rene Breitbarth – Pappagallo Pride – Mullet Records
4. Silver City – Ocean Blur (Name In Lights RMX) – Under The Shade
5. Ciara – Like A Surgeon (Behling & Simpson Rebax) – BNS
6. Floating Points – Marilyn – Eglo
7. Ciara – Goodies – BNS
8. Velour – Dial – Broadwalk
9. Marcus Marr – Pleasure Moon – DFA
10. Mark E – R&B Drunkie – Golf Channel
11. Mr Beatnick – Shifting Sands – Don’t Be Afraid
12. Classixx – Rhythm Santa Clara – Innovative Leisure
13. Shwet Musali – All Fucking Night – Spargel Trax
14. Lrusse – Casettes – [Dub]
15. Omar S – Income Tax Refund Dance – FXHE
16. Kowton & Julio Bashmore – Mirror Song – Broadwalk
17. Behling & Simpson – String O1- [Dub]
18. Systems Of Desire – Control – Happy Skull [forthcoming]
19. Malvoeaux – Targets – L.I.E.S.

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twitter.com/iD_magazine ;

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Joe90 – 4ED Mix

Typesun – Stamp The Wax Mix #21.

Our first introduction to you was when Last Home opened the Futureboogie:10 compilation, but we get the feeling your musical story started a long time before that. Can you give us a bit of context to your musical background. 

I’m a drummer and DJ by trade. Always been working on music, always interested in different ways of working. Digging for records, getting started on drums and messing about with MicroLogic on the school Atari all happened at about the same and I’ve never really been able to separate them. When I was a kid I loved Tony Williams, Dillinjah and Company Flow. My favourite rappers were Juice Aleem and Aceyalone. None of that has changed really. I’m still just trying to make music that is an adequate response, knowing I’m going to fail and hoping the mess I make might be of benefit to someone somewhere.

You’re not someone who likes to stick to one tempo in your work. Indecision, curiosity or just very eclectic tastes?

I like to start with a clear idea of where something is going and why a track needs to be written then work out from that. I have a very visual relationship to music so a lot of the basic decisions are in my head before I even touch an instrument. There has to be something important that I want to say with a piece or a way of working I haven’t tried or I won’t have the motivation to finish it.

As a drummer you have to be able to make something work at all tempos and I just have the kind of awkward personality that tells me to do the most difficult thing or there’s no point. I hope one day I grow out of this.

It doesn’t make it easy to put a finger on your sound, but is your diversity actually your most distinguishable characteristic as a producer and songwriter? 

Hadn’t thought of it like that, but I suppose time will tell. I don’t really have a game plan and I definitely don’t have much control over what comes out or when. If someone puts an order in for something, that’s different – I’m working to fulfill someone else’s brief. When I’m left to my own devices, what comes out is what comes out. It rarely seems to work when I try and stay within the lines.

Is there one style and tempo you haven’t delved into yet that you’d like to? 

I’d like to do more work with noise and I’d like to write music for anime.

You recently supported Ghostpoet on his UK tour. How did that come about, and did it go?

He came along and heard us play at the Nest in Dalston, said hi and that was that. I got a message from his manager and we started working on making it happen. The tour was an experience. Proper shoestring business, couchsurfing all the way. Obaro (Ghostpoet) and his band were all great to hang out with though and apart from a few technical hitches we had great times. Rory and Romaine were the best band mates I could have hoped for.

What was the idea behind the mix you’ve done for us?
I wanted to make a hip-hop mix, which I sort of managed – apart from the techno at the end and the prog at the beginning and the soul tracks in the middle!

I’ve been trying to focus on exactly what I really love in music right now and it’s something I can’t put my finger on. I don’t have a word for it, but I know it when I feel it. Sometimes it seems like a million miles from everything else that’s going on in music and the worst career choice in the world. Who wants to book someone who’s going to come and try to generate this obscure intangible atmosphere that he doesn’t even have a name for when most dancefloors seem to just want hype and awe? But it’s something beyond genre that I want to hear more of and it feels like it’s feeding me in some way.

You’re playing a live set at Simple Things Festival this weekend. What can people expect?

We’ll be playing a slightly updated version of the set we toured with. It’s a real short spot  so we’re just gonna rock the big songs and the hardcore dancers set will have to wait till next year’s tour. That being said I’m always trying to make sure a set is programmed right and tells a story in some way.

It’s a very strong lineup you’ll be apart of. Anyone you’re particularly looking forward to seeing? 

I love the programming at Simple Things and it’s become an opportunity for me to check out acts and genres I’ve never heard of before and just get schooled. I’m going to take recommendations and expand my mind, but that being said I’ve never seen an Appleblim set I didn’t rate and I’ll hopefully get to check out Fimber Bravo.

Is there any new talent (one local, one not) who’s catching your eye at the moment?

On the local front I’m an unashamed Jabu fanboy. Then there’s a Danish band called Okapii who I’d say are well worth checking out.

And finally, you’ve been doing a lot of remixes recently. What’s in store for your original work?

I’m going to keep on putting out tracks on my label and there will also be a few EPs coming out elsewhere. Next up is a song called Little While with an amazing singer called Jonatan Bäckelie from Sweden. It definitely wasn’t part of the plan to do so many remixes, but I like to do things properly and doing a good job of putting out your own music takes time and money, which I didn’t have much of either this year!


Lukas – Discobelle Mix 016

One of Futureboogie Recording’s main men, Lukas, was kind enough to provide the latest installment of our ever popular, exclusive mix series. Having just dropped his debut EP for Futureboogie, a collabo offering with Waifs & Strays on Heidi’s, Jackathon imprint, plus, brewing magic in the studio as “The EEL” (his collab with Eats Everything); it’s safe to bet that Lukas has been doing everything EXCEPT resting on his laurels. If you happened to miss my interview and label profile on Futureboogie Recordings, check it here. Peep the new LUKAS mix below:


The Mole – Lockdown Party (Perlon)
Antonelli – Dubby Disco (Maxi Mix) [Lukas edit] (Italic)
Lukas vs. Waifs and Strays – Gimme Luv (Jackathon)
Kerrier District – Let’s Dance and Freak (Rephlex)
Lukas – Bassoon (Futureboogie)
Freaks + Cajmere – Black Shoes White Socks [Lukas Busta Freaks Janet on Cajmere edit) (HotCreations)
Andre Lodemann - Where are you now [MFR Edit] (Best Works)
Behling + Simpson – What did i do (CDR)
Adessa – Untitled Love (Prime Numbers)
Loose Joints – Is it all over my Face? [Dj Sneak edit] (NRK)
Mr G – One Year later (Rekids)
Axel Boman – Look What You’ve done to Me (Hypercolour)


Futureboogie Dj’s – iD Online Exclusive Mix

Over the course of the past decade, having showcased early material from Eats Everything and Julio Bashmore, Futureboogie has grown into one of the UK’s most innovative house imprints thanks to a continuous stream of top-notch releases. The Futureboogie residents have prepared an exclusive funk-laden mix for i-D ahead of their November 22nd party at Motion, Bristol, which features a not-to-be-missed line up of Dixon, Crazy P, Horse Meat Disco and many, many more. An instant favourite, this mix encapsulates both the sound of the label and the Futureboogie collective as DJs. Press play and push through Monday with ease.


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Mad Mats – A Bass-ment mix

There are way too many boring house mixes floating around so I just thought I do something different. Basically, I love beats (always have) so here’s a real beat session for all of u that prefers it darker and more “left” . Its 1 hr 21 min with 45 beats in various shapes and forms (hip hop, bass music, uk 2-step, r&b, d&b etc)…I even dropped some jazz, funk and dub to make it extra tasty. Enjoy!

Track list…

1. Intro
2. Up High Collective – Dealing Blatan Remix
3. Up High Collective – Dealing Blatan’s Jazzy VIP Mix
4. Dark Sky – Double U
5. The Celistics – Black Mozart
6. Jay-Z – Tom Ford
7. Floorplan – Baby, Baby
8. Wookie – Kinda Funky (remix)
9. JETS – Lock Lock Key key
10. LV, Okmalumkoolkat – Safe And Sound
11. Chimpo – More Bounce
12. Ta-Ku – Diamond Mouth
13. Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (StarRo Remix)
14. Tontelas – The Flood
15. Thomas Improta and Finn Peters – Jungle Kitten
16. Pays Bass – Everybody Get Down
17. Sonar Circle – Cry (Bass Clef Mix)
18. HADE + DWFL – The Healthiest Man In Chicago
19. Mark Pritchard – Jack
20. Mieux – Risiko (Kelpe Remix)
21. Ryan Leslie – Higher
22. EPROM – Subroc
23. Richgirl – Higher
24. Beyoncé – Kitty Kat
25. Pharrell Williams – Happy
26. Doc Scott – Drums 95
27. Tall Black Guy – What’s Good
28. Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)
29. Dexter – Moogboy 4 Life
30. J Dilla – Take Notice
31. Reggie B – Every Pharaoh Needs A Queen
32. Amin PaYnE – Pony (Amin PaYnE Remix)
33. Adrian Young – Sirens
34. GIT – Did You Hear Something
35. Flame Brown – Blues & Pants
36. Ta-Ku – Supposed To Do
37. Ta-Ku & Raashan Ahmad – Louder
38. Suff Daddy – Supersilverhaze
39. Julien Dyne – Koln
40. Busta Rhymes & Talib Kweli – The Conversation
41. HADE + DWFL – Blondie
42. Stro Elliot – Feel 4 Chaka
43. Illum Sphere – An Old Escape (Dabrye Remix)
44. Eric Lau – Everytime (feat. Rahel)
45. Ebrahim – Beautifulest Thing


Downtown Party Network – Soulfooled Mix


Downtown Party Network podcast for Soulfooled records inc. latest remix of Patlac ‘La Nuit’. Get it at:
Beatport: btprt.dj/HNcAxA
Juno: bit.ly/17uQjAn
WPP: bit.ly/1gKRzCt

01. Thatmanmonkz – Burnin’ Up (Ducktape Dub Edit) – Shadeleaf Music
02. APP – Crushed feat. The French Edge – WetYourSelf
03. youngTEE – The Stalker (Brooks Personal Alarm Mix) – Southern Fried Records
04. Richy AhmedYour Love (Original Mix) – Rinse
05. Alci – Rump Shaker (Original Mix) – Robsoul Recordings
06. Unai – Loving That Lost Feeling (Original Mix) – Sub Static
07. Justin Jay – You & Me (Original Mix) – Deep Wave Records
08. Missing Linkx – A Short History Of… (Original Mix) – Philpot Records
09. Weiss – My Sister (Original Mix) – Toolroom Records
10. Lee Jones – A Perfect Kick (Matthias Meyer Remix) – Watergate Records
11. Patlac – La Nuit feat. Christina (Downtown Party Network Remix) – Soulfooled



Christophe – A New Moon Mix


Turned Down By RA Mix – 2011

An old mix from just after we started the label……
shell island – marine girls
rampi – feel it burn
alkalino + blacklodge – breaking bad (cosmic boogie mix)
kneedeep – unknown
innerzone orchestra feat paul randolph – people make the world go round (kenny dixon jnr mix)
archie bell – any time is right (dj apt one edit)
behling and simpson – politics
pbr streetgang – the downstroke
omar s – here’s your trance now dance
dj harvey presents locussolus – i want it
blackdogs – love underground (HT mix)
christophe – the force (luke rmx)
brian and zan – pump your body (FB nip + tuck)
sandy riviera + jose burgos – the path
lee burridge – here’s johnny
sub-an feat beckford – the lovers night
pepe braddock – deep burnt
julio bashmore feat javeon mccarthy – father father


Toby Tobias – Mix for Futureboogie

Deep, weird and wonderful mix from Toby Tobias here, we’ve got some exciting new music coming out with him this year, watch this space….


Bonobo Radio 1 Essential Mix


1 Vangelis – Abraham’s Theme

2 Bonobo – Don’t Wait

3 Letherette-D-T-(Dorian Concept Remix)

4 Dark Sky – Clear

5 Maya Janes Coles – Something In The Air (Bonobo remix)

6 Catching Flies – Mama’s Wisdom

7 Mano Le Tough – Primative People (Tale of Us Remix)

8 Dauwd – Lydia

9 Cut Head – Maputo Jam

10 Maribou State – Moon Cirlces 

11 Sharon Van Etten – We Are Fine (Tourist Remix)

12 Jimpster – Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix)

13 Lorca – Naoko

14 Bonobo – First Fires (Maya Jane Coles remix)

15 Jungle – Drops (Pedestrian Edit)

16 Werkha – Lapwing

17 Ten Walls – Requiem

18 Francis Bebey – Bissao (Pilooski Edit)

19 General Ludd – Woo Ha

20 Romare – Jimmy

21 Will Arcane – Reflected

22 London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo remix)

23 Taylor Mcferrin – Decisions feat. Emily King

24 Throwing Snow – The Tempest feat. Adda Kaleh

25 Kelis – Runnin’ (Machinedrum remix)

26 Illum Sphere – Embryonic (lone remix)

27 Martyn – Glassbeadgames (8 hours at fabric dub)


M10: Behling & Simpson

A mix of entirely unreleased tracks by Behling and Simpson up now on soundcloud, including their Kerri Chandler remix out on 28th July 2014.

M10: Behling & Simpson by Monologues. on Mixcloud


FACT Mix 449 – Seven Davis Jr.


Whirlpool Productions – From Disco to Disco
A Number Of Names – Sharevari
Close & Second Storey feat Kid A – No Love Lost (SDJR Remix)
Adam Feingold – Jahkra (Apron 12)
Harvey Sutherland – Q3 (12 Mix)
Four Tet – Buchla (SDJR Remix)
Eliphino – Lay Me Down (The Love Below 003)
Philou Louzolo – Ron Dynamite
Seven Davis Jr – Beautiful (Classic Records)
Jamie Jones & Gadi Mizrahi – Nasty Things
Prince – Head
Time – Can’t You Feel It
Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
Kai Alce – World Causes
Joe Smooth – Promise Land


The Beat Manifesto Podcast #15: Christophe

A mix and short interview by The Beat Manifesto, Take a look

Christophe returns to play for Road To Nowhere’s Labyrinth stage at Secret Garden Party festival this month between 24th -27th July

Christophe (Futureboogie) – The Beat Manifesto Podcast #15 by The Beat Manifesto on Mixcloud


Seven Davis Jr. Mix for Giles Peterson Worldwide

Seven Davis Jr. drops some exclusive tracks of his own along side some from his favourite producers for Giles Peterson Worldwide.

Check it out



Downtown Party Network – Music For Swimming Pools | Ibiza Sonica Radio

Special mix for Pete Herbert’s ‘Music For Swimming Pools’ radio show on Ibiza Sonica radio.

Available with free download!



Quantic Mixtape – Perdide E Sodade

Okay Player have started a series of mixtapes every Monday to make Monday your favourite day of the week.  Quantic is one of the first to attempt to brighten up the start of the week by connecting the musical waters from Cape Verde to Angola, Brazil and Portugal. Stream or download below.